Selling Your Home

As a seller, it is important to make sure obvious issues are repaired prior to listing the home. Any repairs not made will likely impact the selling price of the home. Make sure that the home is clean, and the functional areas are clear of clutter.

Pre-listing inspections are a great idea to avoid any delays in the sale of the home. If you do choose a pre-listing inspection, have the report available to the new buyers and provide any receipts to prove that the suggested repairs have been made. This will likely give the buyer some peace of mind and confidence that you care about the home and the process of selling.

If you do choose to get a pre-listing inspection, please remember, you will be legally required to disclose the home inspection report to the buyers. For that reason, some people choose to forgo the pre-listing inspection and take their chances that the buyers inspector will not find the same issues. While in theory, home inspectors should all find the same issues, that is not always the case. Each home inspector has their own perspectives and findings can vary.

A typical inspection will take approximately 3 hours, give or take based on the size and age of the home. The home inspector will go through the interior and exterior of the home, as well as, look at the surrounding grounds. Any broken, defective or hazardous issues will be recorded, and a report will be generated. The report will typically be completed and returned to the buyer within 24 hours of the inspection.

All inspections are completed in accordance to the Wisconsin State Standards of Practice. The inspector will only be looking at functional elements of the home. Cosmetic issues will not be addressed unless they pose a potential safety risk.

Please keep in mind, this is a visual inspection. If the home is significantly cluttered or areas are not accessible, the inspector will be limited in their ability to make observations.


Call Home Scan Inspections before you put your home up for sale to help minimize any delays during the sale.