Home Scan Inspections embraces technology to help increase the speed and reliability of the inspections they perform.


  • Infrared Cameras – Find hot spots in the attic without ever setting foot inside thereby spending less time inspecting hard to reach areas.
  • Drones – Roof too steep to walk, not a problem, send up the drone. Too cold for a drone, use a pole camera to get up there.
  • CO Analyzers – Have an older furnace that may be suspect, a CO Analyzer can help identify the need for further evaluation by an HVAC Technician.
  • Moisture Meters – Infrared cameras can narrow down the search for a suspected leak, but the moisture meter can provide confirmation.
  • Continuous Radon Monitors – No need to wait an additional two days for the lab results.

Call Home Scan Inspections to deploy this technology in your home inspection.