What About Bob?


Hi, I’m Bob Schultz, owner of Home Scan Inspections. I’ve been doing inspections in southeastern Wisconsin since 2017. I grew up in the area and know it well. My dad was a plumbing contractor and I learned a lot about home construction and improvement by working with him on his endless list of projects. I also have a brother who is an electrician and gained a significant amount of knowledge from him as well. I personally went down a different path for work and spent over 30 years managing small factories in Milwaukee. While that was a little divergent from contracting or inspecting homes, I did learn a lot about building science, since I had responsibility for the buildings as well as the operations.


Apparently, the desire to work on homes and around contractors was ingrained in my DNA. I began to tire of manufacturing and moved back to what I enjoy. Working on my own home is more of a hobby than a chore and my wife and I spend many hours each year making sure our home stays in great shape. When I am not doing inspections or working on my own home, I will likely be golfing, hiking, walking the dogs, target practicing or doing one of many other things that I enjoy (I have more hobbies than I do time).


I really enjoy the inspection process and spend many hours training and honing my skills. Take a look at the list below to see all the classes and seminars that I have attended. I have a strong desire to share the knowledge I built through my education and experience. The inspection business allows me to share that knowledge and to get involved at what should be an exciting time for buyers. Buying a home is an exciting, nerve wracking and expensive endeavor. It should be a positive one. Anything I can do to help a family feel better about their investment makes me very happy.

Give me a call, I would love to meet you and your family. Rest assured, I will do what I can to make sure you know what you are buying.




Continuing Education

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