Drone Home and Property Inspection that Covers All the Angles

No matter how agile a home inspector is, there’s simply no way he or she can view every part of a home.

A roof pitch can be too steep to walk. A ladder might not reach an exterior corner or overhang. The chimney could be inaccessible due to height or roof angle.

No need to fear a potential problem being missed, though. Using an expertly-piloted drone, Home Scan Inspections gets up close and personal with exterior sections that, for whatever reasons, are off-limits to human eyes.

A drone inspection ensures that every nook, cranny and corner of your potential home is viewed, analyzed and documented. You can proceed with knowledge and assurance, knowing that your home inspection covered the entire structure.

Occasionally a drone can’t be used, often due to tree cover or weather conditions. In these situations, Home Scan Inspections uses pole cameras to access those hard-to-inspect areas. Our commitment to a complete, thorough property inspection is absolute.

Home Scan Inspections provides drone roof inspections throughout southeastern Wisconsin in Washington, Waukesha, Dodge, Ozaukee and Milwaukee counties. Using this technology, no part of a home’s exterior is off limits. We want your confidence to be as high as our drone can fly.