Frequently Asked Questions When Buying a Home

These are some of the questions both first time home buyers (and seasoned homeowners) have asked.

How long will the home inspection take?

A home inspection will take three to four hours depending on the size and age of the house.

What areas of the house are covered as part of the home inspection?

The scope of the home inspection is dictated by the State of Wisconsin.  Essentially, all functional elements of the home from roof to foundation are covered with a few minor exceptions. 

Please refer to the Wisconsin State Standards of Practice for full details.

What type of information will I receive?

The home inspections provided by Home Scan Inspections is very detailed.  Here are two examples of home inspections:


Home Inspection Sample 1

Home Inspection Sample 2

How long will it take to get the final inspection report?

Home Inspection reports are typically turned in 24 hours.

Is Home Scan Inspections, LLC insured?

Yes, Home Scan Inspections carries liability and E&O insurance to protect all parties involved.

How long will the results of the radon test take?

The radon test equipment needs to be in place for 48 hours to provide the best results.  Since we use constant radon monitoring equipment, the results of our tests will be immediate after the 48-hour testing period. 

Many inspectors use charcoal canisters that need to be sent to a lab for analysis which can add 3 days to the process.