Continuous Radon Monitor

There are many ways to test for the presence of radon in a home.  Most of which only provide an average level over the period that the device was in place.  The advantage of a Continuous Radon Monitor (CRM) is to see the variation in the levels over that same period. 

Over the course of a 48-hour test, the levels of radon can vary significantly.  The overall average in that period can be at or below the recommended level of 4.00 but can be as high as 11.00 during any given hour.  As the owner of the home, you may not be comfortable with being exposed to those levels, even for a small period.  A CRM can provide that level of detail.

Another benefit of the CRM is the time it takes to report the results.  Test methods such as charcoal canisters will need to be sent to a lab for evaluation, adding another 2 to 3 days.  The test results from a CRM are instant.  This can be very beneficial since time is often critical in real estate transactions.

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