Residential Thermography Services to Help You See Beyond the Naked Eye

Can you see behind walls? Well…neither can a home inspector. In reality, neither can a thermal imaging camera, but it can help identify potential problems in areas that just can’t be seen by the naked eye.


Bob Schultz, owner of Home Scan Inspections, is a Certified Residential Thermographer (CRT). The CRT certification is nationally recognized by the American Society of Home Inspectors and the International Association of Certified Home Inspectors. Home inspectors successfully completing the CRT certification requirements learn about the science of thermal imaging, methods of heat transfer, and thermal capacities. They also learn about the limitations of thermal imaging and how to avoid false readings. By becoming a Certified Residential Thermographer, a home inspector can provide a more thorough home inspection by detecting electrical, moisture, energy issues, and even pests, such as termites and bees.

Take your home inspection to the next level by requesting the additional use of thermal imaging cameras. Let technology take you on a journey through your home and rest assured you and your inspector have done all you can to identify potential problems.

Still not convinced as to the power and insight of infrared inspection?

Check out these photos taken with and without using thermal imaging.  See what the naked eye is missing.



Here is a video that may be helpful in understanding the advantage of a thermal camera.


Why use thermal cameras.