Testing Your Home for Carbon Monoxide

Traditional Carbon Monoxide (CO) Monitors that are installed in most homes are only required to alarm when there has been high exposure to CO for long periods of time.  By design, CO detectors must remain silent and the display must read zero if the CO levels are below 30 PPM.  The CO levels in your home could be at 29 PPM for months or years and you will never know.

It is hard to know what affect long-term exposure to low levels of CO can have on a person, but most agree that over time, small children and babies can have developmental issues with their cognitive and motor skills.  In elderly people, long-term CO exposure can complicate existing conditions.

Low level CO monitors are available but can be rather expensive when compared to the traditional detectors found in most stores.  Home Scan Inspections is equipped with high quality CO analyzers to make sure the home is safe at the time of inspection.  In addition, high levels of CO in the furnace exhaust can be an indication that the furnace should be checked by a qualified technician.

Let Home Scan Inspections make sure your new home is going to be safe for you and your family.