Moisture MetersWater intrusion in the basement.

Moisture is the enemy of all homes.  Even low levels of moisture in an area for an extended period can cause mold growth.  Significant water leaks can result in damage from wood rot or from expansion and contraction as the water freezes.  Water penetration in the home can also attract pests as they seek moisture for survival.

Moisture meters are critical in the home inspection process to confirm the presence of moisture.  Home inspections are a visual inspection of the home, but quite often, there are existing stains in drywall or in framing members that may indicate a leak had occurred at some point in the history of the home.  It is important to know if those stains are an indication of an active leak.

The downfall of moisture meters is the small area they are testing.  It is impossible to check every square inch of a home with a moisture meter.  For that reason, we always recommend that clients request the use of an infrared camera during the inspection.  The combined use of an infrared camera and moisture meter will provide for a more thorough inspection.

Let Home Scan Inspections dive into your future home to ensure there are no current moisture issues.