Home Scan Inspections, LLC is concerned about the health and well-being of all their clients.


There are any number of ways that the performance of your home can be affecting your health. Homes are built tighter all the time and the air needs to circulate properly to keep pollutants at a minimum. Chemicals are used in abundance and can pollute the water that we drink. Poorly performing combustion appliances can emit gases that can not only make you sick, they can also kill you in the right circumstances. Even the products that we buy to decorate our homes can produce gases that are detrimental to your health. Check out our page on indoor air quality for more information.


Radon is a radioactive gas that can seep in through the cracks in your foundation and may have significant health affects on you and your family if you are exposed to high levels over a period of time. Need more information on the health affects of radon, check out our radon testing page.


Even the water you drink can be impacted by the functional elements of your home. Metal pipes can corrode and introduce heavy metals into your water. Water faucets purchased before 2014 can have lead levels that exceed current standards. Fertilizers used in your yard or in the farm land around you may seep into your well and increase the nitrite levels in your water. Concerned about the quality of your water, check out our water quality page for more information.


If you have concerns that the performance of your home may be contributing to health issues with your family, give Home Scan Inspections a call.