Increase Your Dryer Efficiency

Posted on Fri Jul 3rd, 2020 at 11:18 am


Long dryer vent runs can greatly reduce the efficiency of your dryer. Long runs with multiple bends reduce the air flow. Dryer vents should be as short and straight as possible. The vent in my home is about 18 feet long and had three 90-degree bends. Each 90-degree bend is the equivalent of adding another 5 feet of length. The best solution would have been to find a way to make that vent shorter. In my case, I would have had to re-locate our laundry room. The only locations near our current laundry room would have put the vent exhaust under our deck or too close to our furnace intake, neither is an acceptable option.


Since shortening the run was not an option, I chose to install a booster fan. There are many types available, but I went with the Tjernlund LB2 since the fan blades are indirect to the vent pipe and are less likely to clog from lint. Definitely a little pricier than many of the other options, but will result in less maintenance over time.


There are several options on how to trigger the fan. I read some reviews that were less than positive on pressure sensing switches, they were said to be unreliable. I chose the pressure sensing switch and have not had any issues. The fan starts up within seconds after the dryer.


Installing this fan has reduced our dry times by approximately 25% to 35%. I did not bother to do the math on what that will amount to in annual savings, but it will obviously have a significant impact. I was more concerned with overall time savings and the stress on the dryer.


The best part of this improvement, I do not have to hear my wife complain about the dryer anymore! Happy wife, happy life!




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