Are you buying a home using a VA loan?


Then you will likely need a Wood Destroying Organism (WDO) inspection. Bob Schultz, owner of Home Scan Inspections, has received the training required to inspect a home for wood destroying organisms (WDO). As a service to our veterans, we will provide the required WDO inspection absolutely free as an add-on to a standard home inspection.


What are we looking for in a WDO inspection?


There are many different types of organisms that can be present in your home and have the capability of the destroying the wood that makes up the structure. Some of these are more common than others in Wisconsin, but all of them have the potential of occupying your home. Below are some of the more typical examples of WDO that may be found.


True Powderpost Beetles

Old House Borer

False Powderpost Beetles

Deathwatch Beetles

Engraver Beetles

Ambrosia Beetles

Carpenter Bees

Carpenter Ants




If you are buying a house with a VA loan and need an inspection that includes wood destroying organisms, give Home Scan Inspections a call.